Life Cover


This is one of the most important areas to consider if you are taking out a mortgage and have a partner, spouse, family or other dependents who are reliant on you to pay or contribute towards the mortgage. How would your family cope if you were no longer here to pay the mortgage and bills? What difference would it make to their lives to have the mortgage paid off and/or receive a payout to help towards the costs of daily living?


At Express Finance our fully qualified advisers will discuss your requirements and assess your needs in line with your budget in order to advise you on the optimum cover for your circumstances.


Critical Illness Cover


As with Life Cover, Critical Illness cover is an important area to consider when taking out a mortgage if you have dependents, but also if you are single and there is no one else to contribute towards the mortgage and bills if you were diagnosed with a specified Critical Illness and unable to work. What difference would it make to you to be able to pay off all or part of your mortgage or to receive a payout which you were able to use to pay the bills and cover the cost of living for a period of time?


At Express Finance we will discuss your requirements, assess your needs and propose cover in line with your circumstances and budget.


Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover

A simple cover that helps protect you in the event of not being able to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment that pays out a monthly amount in the event of a valid claim.The benefit period is limited to either 12 months or 24 months depending upon which period is selected at application stage.


This type of cover is ideal for making sure that your mortgage payment is covered in the event of a claim to ensure that your monthly mortgage payments are made in line with your mortgage agreement with your mortgage lender.


Income Protection

This level of cover is more substantial and often pays out a larger monthly amount for a much longer period. In the event of a valid claim benefit is generally paid until you return to work, retire or die, whichever is the earliest.


Cover is set at a percentage of your earnings, often between 50% to 60%, at the time of a successful claim and can therefore help cover the additional costs of living above the monthly mortgage payment.


Home Insurance


Home Insurance covers your home and contents against a broad selection of risks. There are two types of home insurance. Contents insurance - to protect the contents of your home and Buildings insurance to protect the building itself.  You can take out either cover by itself or combine the two together.


Home insurance is incredibly important. Your home is usually your biggest investment as well as being  where you live - if anything were to happen like a fire, flood or a break-in you would want to know that you were covered by insurance and so could repair the damage.


Whilst contents insurance is optional but strongly recommended, buildings insurance is compulsory for most mortgage providers.




Express Finance prides itself on offering an exemplary service to its clients. We will always fully assess a client's insurance requirements, needs and budget before proposing an optimum protection package.


For a full, free and independent review of your protection cover, please contact us below:



Please note that payment protection insurance is optional.  There are other providers of payment protection insurance and other products designed to protect you against the loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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